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Spooks: 2.1 to 2.4 Re-View


What’s a ‘Re-View‘? For starters it is either a horrible pun or a horrible abbreviation. For us it means we’re watching old shows or films and reviewing them. We’re ‘re-viewing’ them, or viewing… Continue reading

Why is ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ so infuriating?


It’s not much of a leap to describe Star Trek Into Darkness as disappointing. It’s disappointing to Star Trek fans, it’s disappointing to fans of only the 2009 reboot and its disappointing to anyone that’s put it… Continue reading

Elementary: ‘The Smartest Show in the Room’


What’s the best Sherlock Holmes adaptation set in contemporary times? If you said Sherlock you’re wrong. It’s actually Elementary. I’ll go into reasons for why it is the better of the two soon,… Continue reading