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What We Do

This is the bit where I explain what we’re about. Although you already got that didn’t you? Aren’t you clever!

We humans live in a world filled with other humans. We like to interact with each other. However we prefer to do this indirectly. Usually through newspapers, televised dramas and serial acts of violence. “Why not shine a reasonably casual light on these cultural phenomenons?” I said to Ms. Fox. And thus Mini Media Bites was formed. We’re here to look at the content of media, see what it does and how it does it. Naturally I chose those with similar world views to me to help. We’re into that ‘bias’ stuff over here at Mini Media Bites. Get used to it and enjoy.

– T.J. Fisk, 2014

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Who We Are

T.J. Fisk

My name is Tom and I co-founded this weirdness. I like films, television and comic books. Sometimes I even like novels or ‘real books’ as you intellectuals like to say. I am often called cynical, I prefer to think of myself as a grumpy idealist. I try to bring my grumpy idealism to the table with analysing film and TV. Unfortunately my laziness normally comes along too.

I’m a Grammar schooled boy from Kent, so it’s a miracle I’m left wing at all. And just to explain to those who are impaired, I am prone to sarcasm and comical exaggeration. Those are just some of the tools in my box of wit. Others include self deprecation and overuse of ellipses…


Do I take myself seriously? You decide!

Twitter: @ThomasJamesFisk

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Hi! My name is Hollie. I am defined as a co-founder of this delicious word frenzy on the basis that Tom came up with the idea and I got excited about it. My passions include vintage fashion, baking, reading, gaming, zombies, tv binges, movies, sleeping and feminism.

I am an over-emotional, kind-hearted, sarcastic, procrastinating idiot and I hope you enjoy reading whatever I write.


Seems accurate enough.

Twitter: @hollievulpes

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My name is Andy and the way this job was pitched to me by Tom was something like ‘You like American stuff, right? I need someone who can talk about American stuff!”. And so I was on board!
I like films and television series mostly. However I am not a complete hermit. I do sometimes go outside where I usually enjoy playing football while simultaneously lamenting the state professional football is currently in.

Today I work in the field of insurance fraud where I help catch fraudsters and scam artists. I’m basically Batman…or at least that’s what I like to think I am.

I’m also on Twitter where I continually post things I find funny that nobody else does.


Twitter: @Andyzoot