The reasons I love Batman so much (VIDEO)


If you’ve seen my videos, tweets or my multiple articles on my blog, you’ll notice I love Batman, like, a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. Sure, tonnes of people love Batman, but not as many love him as much as I do.

So why do I love Batman so damn much? I have a few reasons. Some trivial and silly, some personal and more meaningful to myself.

So let’s start with the trivial and silly stuff. Batman is cool. Bruce Wayne is handsome, tall and looks good in a suit, be it a tux or a bat-suit, he gets to look like James Bond, with the gadgets too, and he acts like a superhero. He’s a master of multiple disciplines, including seemingly all martial arts, plus various sciences, especially those relating to crime scene work, plus he’s an expert driver, climber, glider and all the other physical vigilante shit he gets up to. Batman can fake being a superhero whilst being a relatively ordinary man. Admittedly, Bruce Wayne’s wealth isn’t ordinary.

I’m not the biggest fan of rich people, but this rich dude uses his money to save lives and to help the Justice League.

Speaking of the Justice League. Batman has cool friends. He knows Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Black Canary and all the other cool folk. Hell, he trained Dick Grayson, that perfect arsed man that is Nightwing. Hell, Nightwing is arguably cooler than Batman, and sometimes he even is Batman.

And that brings me to the best thing about Batman. He can be in the Justice League, a team book, because Batman can be in any story and make it work.

Since 1939 Batman has taken on a variety of different depictions in the mainstream comic continuity alone. In his inception he was a pulpy noir murdery vigilante. Then a kid friendly adventurous hero. Then a campier version of that. Then a haunted, but heroic, detective who went on Bondian capers. Then a gritty and haunted action hero who is driven by neurosis. And that’s not including the various popular out of continuity interpretations. Batman works as a hero in detective stories, action stories, spy stories, horror stories, sci-fi, sit-com and family drama, superhero stories and many subgenres within those, and other genres I’ve not named. And he can appear in these in a tone as varying as camp fare to dark nihilism. I’d need an entirely separate and longer video to go on about the strength of his rogue’s gallery and their varying depictions.

And that’s just comics.

Batman has had many commercially and critically successful adaptations in other mediums. He’s been in a lot of good TV. Many different films and even a few video games and novels and radio plays.

It’s telling that as a character he has a magnum opus or two in nearly every medium. On TV he’s had the ‘60s Batman series and the’90s animated series. On film he’s had The Dark Knight and in video games he’s had Batman: Arkham Asylum.

This genre, tonal and medium elasticity makes Batman arguably the best fictional character of all time. And I mean that with sincerity.

And speaking of sincerity…

It’s time to talk about my personal reasons for loving Batman. Firstly, Batman: Year One was the first proper comic I had. I love it and it’s led to getting so many more comics, a significant portion of those are Batman comics. I even named my cat after Selina Kyle.

Secondly and primarily however, Batman means a lot to me because of my history of mental health problems. I am not going to go into details. But suffice to say, Batman is a superhero who saves people and the world regularly, and he’s driven by an inability to process his mental health problems properly, or get over them at all. Wonder Woman is a demi-God princess, Spider-Man got a radioactive spider bite, but Batman just has mental health problems, and with that he’s done everything I’ve just said.  He saves the world.