Fall TV Preview: Returning Comedies

Last week I highlighted some of the new comedies and dramas coming to screens in September to kick off the new season of television. This week I shall be doing the same but I will be looking at the returning shows that you should perhaps keep an eye on for various reasons. Today is the final part of my preview which is focused on returning comedy and well…it’s not that great.


Brooklyn Nine Nine (pictured above)

In my opinion, the new gem of television comedy. Brookyln Nine Nine (I’m going to call it B99 from now on) had such a brilliant first season. It laid down it’s fairly large ensemble of characters brilliantly, it established a rhythm and tone straight off the bat and of course it was really really funny. Season two should bring more of the same. Expect more developing of the Jake/Santiago love plot, more Boyle pining for Diaz and more of Terry Crews doing just about anything while being incredibly funny. As well as that, the season one finale showed that Jake will be going full ‘Donnie Brasco’ in season two. Hopefully this will be at least a quarter of the new season and will not be quickly swept away after only a few episodes. The introduction of undercover work and the Mafia brings a whole wealth of new comedy situations and I just can’t wait to see what the writers of B99 does with it. One other point: I hope Andre Braugher continues his excellent work in Season two and I hope he wins an Emmy next week.


Rick and Morty

I have already waxed lyrical on Rick and Morty before for another article. Just like Brooklyn Nine Nine, it had a fantastic debut season nailing it’s world and the characters in it perfectly. Rick and Morty is such an episodic show that there are not going to be any major story strands carrying over from the first to second season with the exception of perhaps “Evil Morty”. I don’t know if that what he is called but it seems the most appropriate name for a version of Morty with an eye patch, yes? What should carry over from the first season however, is Rick and Morty’s unrelenting sense of fun, comic timing and wacky stories. Hopefully the great reviews Rick and Morty received in it’s first season will instill confidence into the writers to take greater risks with their storytelling and deliver a season that will surpass it’s debut.


The Mindy Project

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t watched The Mindy Project since the end of the first season. I decided to stop watching because I found nothing special in the show. I didn’t find it particularly funny and none of the characters were enthralling with the exception of Mindy, Morgan and to some extent, Danny. However according to many sources, the show has had something of a resurgence during it’s second season. No longer does the show have a rotating cast of characters, it’s now settled down and found it’s rhythm. This revival could continue season three and I for one am going to try and catch up before Season 3 begins next month.


Everything Else

Apart from those three, there isn’t much returning comedy to write home about. Oh sure, I could mention shows like The Goldbergs, New Girl, Modern Family and The Millers and their plethora of fart jokes. But I feel there is nothing special about any of these shows. They’re by the numbers, average sitcoms that I feel don’t have as much will to break their formula or try something new.

I would love to have talked about Parks and Recreation’s final season with it’s time jump, Broad City’s difficult second season or Archer’s follow up to ‘Archer Vice’. Unfortunately, none of these return until January.



Some of that positivity above needs to be balanced out. The Bonus round is where I highlight a show that I think is terrible and am surprised that it’s still on the air.

Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco are now getting a million dollars per episode for The Big Bang Theory. If you didn’t laugh, you cried.

Yes, that’s all I have to say on that matter…